Dungeon Majesty is a public access program created by Christine Adolph, Liza Cardinale, Sarah Low, Riley Swift,
+ JJ Stratford which aired on Public Access and the world wide web from 2004-2010.

Dungeon Majesty first aired on California public access but was eventually picked up by
public access channels across the United States and went viral on the internet. The show followed four adventurers
through a Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 Edition) Campaign and the viewers saw the characters
gain levels over the season.

The players played live in studio and were recorded to tape and the fantasy realm was chroma
keyed in. To illustrate the actions of the dungeon crawl, the show employed miniature
models, practical effects, stop motion animation, and several layers of laser beams and
magic fx.

The show was created by friends and who decided their game should be televised and the
fantasy realm should be recreated using blue screen technology and practical special effects .
The Christine Adolph, Liza Cardinale, Sarah Low, Riley Swift, + JJ Stratford. As a team
they did all the post and special effects.


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